About Catalysti

Catalysti is a new association, founded in 2013, to make artists of non-Finnish origin more visible and audible. It gathers transcultural artists living and working in Finland, and is also open to Finnish artists with a transcultural background. All art fields are represented and welcome. Catalysti creates networks and possibilities for transcultural artists living and working in Finland. It represents transcultural artists in the Finnish art field, with about 150 members. According to Taiteen Edistämiskeskus' survey 2013, there are over 2000 artists of non Finnish origins living in Finland.

Catalysti stands for diversity, and aims to strengthen the diversity and accessibility of Finnish society. 

The two years program Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity, supported by Kone Foundation (2019-20), aims to enrich multicultural life and create bridges between the different communities, in Helsinki and around Finland. To do so, it proposes a large scale of art events, in easily accessible locations, open to everybody. Diversity and multidisciplinarity are a constant for Catalysti since its very beginning.

Catalysti combines multidisciplinarity, various media and often technology, which is interesting for younger audiences.

It includes artists from different communities, which can be important for second generation immigrants, as examples of integration. Through art practices and workshops, it aims to foster a better integration in the Finnish society.

The pool of artist profiles is at the core of our association: by knowing each other and our artistic activities we can get a stronger and clearer voice in cultural affairs in Finland.

What is Catalysti doing?

- creating a network of transcultural artists via the artists profiles

- offer information and advice about possibilities for artists in Finland

- promoting transcultural activities and events

- dealing with cultural policies

- maintaining this website

Who are we? 

The board of Catalysti consists of artists representing different art fields. 

Contacts catalystinew@gmail.com