Transcultural Artists in Finland

 The Land Singing, Egle Oddo, Catalysti Art Projects.— at Maailma kylässä | World Village Festival.

Why Catalysti?

You don't have to be a foreigner to encounter difficulties to find your way as an artist in the bureaucratic jungle of this country. Natives can at least fall back on old connections that might bring them further, but immigrant artists have to invent the wheel themselves. So why not offer a hand to each other, is the basic incentive for this association.

What is Catalysti doing?

- creating a network of transcultural artists and offer information and advice about possibilities for artists in Finland

- promoting transcultural activities and events

- dealing with cultural policies

- maintaining this website

The website is created to share information for and between cross-cultural artists in Finland, especially in Helsinki metropolitan region.

In the section Grants and Calls you find grants open for application and eventual calls for artists. In the section Events cross-cultural artists can promote their actual events and exhibitions. From Artfield linkbank you find links to information centres of different art fields in Finland. In the section Art and multiculturalism you can find links to programs and organizations dealing with themes of multiculturalism and experiences of cultural encounters.

During 2012 – 2013, this site was created and maintained as part of the activities of Regional Artist on Cultural Diversity at the Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region and Catalysti Association of transcultural artists. Since then, members of the Catalysti board work together independantly, on a volunteer basis, to maintain this imporant aspect of the Catalysti association. 

Article of an Yle interview with Catalysti board members (in Finnish...!) Finlands interest in foreign artists