On Fragility: Omnia Vanitas

 “On Fragility: Omnia Vanitas” is a project curated by Ana Parra for Catalysti.

The exhibition explores the concept of fragility with a transdisciplinary and situated knowledge approach. Taking the “Vanitas” paintings tradition as a starting point and supported by an array of transdisciplinary theories, the selected artists give an updated answer to the questions raised by the concept. The variety of media and disciplines involved seeks to understand the fragile through varied expressions, everyday life and contemporary social issues making more impressions than just the visual mark. The artists involved will be Inma Herrera, Kemê, Felipe De Avila, Egle OddoSerma Türkmen, Amparo Espana, Christina Andree.

Produced by Catalysti, with the kind support of Taike Arts Promotion Centre.

Galleria Myötätuuli, Raahe. Open until 21.9.2018, Mon-Fri at 10-17, Sat-Sun closed.

Links: http://www.catalysti.fi/events/fragility-omnia-vanitas