Transcultural Artists in Finland

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Why Catalysti?

It's not easy to make a living as an artist in any field, especially if you are a foreigner. The challenges you face include the need to establish your place in the community from the beginning again, and you may not find all of the information, opportunities or the partners that you need. Even your knowledge of bureaucracy and the systems in which you are used to working is probably no longer applicable. Additionally, if you are not living in a big city full of cultural events, other artists and culture workers, you could find yourself lost and having to do double the work in order to connect yourself with the community where you live and the art community of the country.

We know this, because we have been there and some of us are still experiencing it.

We also know that cultural diversity give us new perspectives, values, beliefs and the key to see and understand our social constructions of ourselves and others more critically. It helps us to grow both as individuals and as part of a strong, rich and diverse society. Our culture is a reflection of everything we are. The role of Catalysti is not only to help multinational artists to find a place in Finland, but to build a gateway into Finnish culture so that we can receive as much as we can provide.

We all, as art workers, have a responsibility to our society: invigorating our communities, being part of social education, citizenship, urban renewal, sustainability, facilitating inclusion, stimulating difficult conversations and inspiring those in other fields.

Being part of Catalysti invites us to recognise that responsibility, and to work for the inclusion in every aspect we can, by being active inside and outside the association, because our actions are helping to give form to this changing world.

Being part of Catalysti gives us a chance to create the kind of community in which we would like to live.


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What we do?

  • We are creating a network of transcultural artists where we also offer information and advice about possibilities for artists in Finland.
  • We organize and promote transcultural activities and events.
  • We deal with cultural policies trying to improve the situation of multicultural artist in Finland.

This website is created to share information for and between cross-cultural artists in Finland, especially in Helsinki metropolitan region.

In the section Grants and Calls you find grants open for application and eventual calls for artists. In the section Events cross-cultural artists can promote their actual events and exhibitions. From Artfield linkbank you find links to information centres of different art fields in Finland. In the section Art and multiculturalism you can find links to programs and organizations dealing with themes of multiculturalism and experiences of cultural encounters.

During 2012 – 2013, this site was created and maintained as part of the activities of Regional Artist on Cultural Diversity at the Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region and Catalysti Association of transcultural artists. Since then, members of the Catalysti board work together independantly, on a volunteer basis, to maintain this imporant aspect of the Catalysti association. 

Article of an Yle interview with Catalysti board members (in Finnish...!) Finlands interest in foreign artists