Apply to Catalysti Artists


Professional transcultural artists are welcome to our association. The association will also be open for other members like those dealing with transcultural issues. It is our aim to keep the association as fresh and alive as possible so that’s why we will ask you to update your profile whenever needed and once per year we will ask you to renew your membership.

Please keep in mind that other people will read what you write about yourself..! So when you fill in the form your main art field this will be more an indication for others than a strict definition of your activity. You can give a personal note to your art activity in the section “Short description of your artistic activity” so this might be the most important section to fill in… but it could also be the photo you add: it would be so helpful to choose a photo that pictures you in your art if that is possible… just be aware that your art is more important to be recognized than your face. For inspiration it can be helpful to first look at other artist profiles.

We thank you for your effort and will respond to your application as soon as possible, either by publishing your profile or, in case of further questions, by e-mail. We will review applications once a month.