Taxes in Finland

There are a few different ways to be paid in Finland.

  • Send your own invoice. Website like Ukko ask a small fee, but make all the tax calculations for you.
  • Send in your Finnish Tax Card. It can be paid in two ways:
  • Wage Income (PALKKA)
  • If you do more continuous work for one institution. It’s organised with a work contract and your tax card. The employer pays fees and taxes. Everything is automatically calculated in your tax proposal from the incomes register.
  • Trade Income (TYÖKORVAUS)
  • For one-time fees where you, the artist, handle your own taxes. It’s a different tax card. The payer pays only income tax, no other fees. Check the rules from
  • If you are VAT registered, VAT comes on top (Currently, there is a 15,000€ cap to yearly income here before you have to start paying 24% VAT tax.)

For a further explanation, see the No Niin Article

Notary Public Services

This service handles the notarization of signatures and copies of certificates and authentications of resumes, among other things. The services can also confirm a person’s rights to act on behalf of a company or public authority. Web Service

Helps citizens and entrepreneurs in different situations. In, the information, instructions and services you need to take care of matters have been compiled in one address. After identification into, you can communicate with different organisations, grant and request mandates and check the data registered on you.

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Useful Information
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  • “Making a living as a visual artist” on the Artists’ Association of Finland website 
    The Making a living as a visual artist page provides visual artists with practical information, guidance and support on working as an artist in Finland. It contains information about various topics, such as social security for visual artists, taxation, contracts, organising work and selling artworks.
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