Programme 2020

Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity is a two years programme (2019-2020) supported by Kone Foundation.

Catalysti continues its activities ONLINE during the coronavirus outbreak! Check out the Facebook page for all the last updates.

Slayground! Live art event for the International Week Against Racism, curator James Lórien MacDonald. The event will happen online, the new date and more infos will be published soon. STAY TUNED! 

Queer artists in drag, word, vogue and burlesque were invited to bring their fiercest to the stage, but the stage needs a rest while we take care of each other. Twerking from home:


With the kind support of the City of Helsinki and Kone Foundation.

20.5. HES 2020 Helsinki Experimental Series: A performative/listening experience. Curated by Sergio Castrillón. Cancelled, more infos coming soon.

Gonzalo Muruaga (ARG/FIN). Electric guitar and electronics & Daniela Pascual (ECU/FIN). Action and sound performance In collaboration with Interkult ry, m{if} Museum of impossible forms, Korvat Auki Ensemble and Laponia Improvisations. 

23.-24.5. Participatory installation and film in the World Village Festival. Cancelled. Unfortunately the festival is cancelled because of coronavirus, the next edition will be in May 2021.

10.6. Cyclical Enclosure, dance and art workshop.With Geneva Rosett-Hafter, BA dance theatre: Project coordinator, educator, artist, dancer. Marja Koponen, MA dance art: Project developer, dancer, educator. Maria Prokhorova, BA dance art: Project developer, dancer, educator. Library Oodi (TBC).

17.6. HES 2020 Helsinki Experimental Series: A performative/listening experience. Curated by Sergio Castrillón. In Vapaan taiteen tila at 7 pm, free entry. Natalia Castrillón (COL/FIN), lever and Colombian harp & Suva (IND/FIN), action and sound performance. In collaboration with Interkult ry and m{if} Museum of impossible forms.

Objekti 2020, in Espoo centre public spaces: unfortunately Catalysti will not be part of it this year. New forms of collaboration are at the study for 2021.

28.9.-14.10. Group exhibition in Cable Factory, Valssaamo. On a concept by David Flood, Power.

“Power is the ability to do things.” – Doreen Massey

“Power exists through many relations. These can be political, financial, cultural and so on. Power can be coercive when distributed unequally which may manifest itself through injustice and inequality. However, the equal distribution of power is about sharing ideas and can lead to real progress in overcoming many of the issues that the world faces today” (David Flood).

Selected curator, Anne Klontz. You can read more about her concept 2084 here. And the Open call for Catalysti Artists is here! Deadline 3.4.

Causatum 4, Helsinki. Fourth part of the Causatum Live Cinema series, initiated by Marek Pluciennik. A series “purely committed to practices using improvised live moving image” (M.P.).

Big Brothers and Sisters ed. 2. Four performances on a concept by Victor X.

“It doesn’t have to be limited by Orwell’s horrors. The AI is coming into our lives slowly but surely. It is adding something substantially new. Watch our kids talking to their Siris and Alices, this is a brave new world” (Victor X).

Nonnihil: second part of the video spectacle NULLA (Latin for not any) exploring the mindset of being trapped in an image created for immigrants, which deems them “not any” of “us”. Project in three parts by Marek Pluciennik.