Programme 2022

  • Catalysti 2.0—a new vision, supported by Kone Foundation, focuses on reconfiguring the organizational structure of Catalysti by hiring a team of two people per year in 2022-2023 from the membership pool to act as the artistic directors. Each year, the artistic directors will organize one exhibition and a series of workshops hosted by artists for the general public. The program also seeks to create new possibilities for collaboration for Catalysti members between various domestic and international art associations and institutions Catalysti has partnered with.

  • Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity, supported by Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the City of Helsinki, and the Ministry of Education and Culture, will continue this year. And you will find new events for the program Transcultural Workspaces: Arts, Education, and Labour, a series of workshops and art events during 2021-2022 supported by Taike, stay tuned!
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  • 2.-5.4. We’re Like One Place – Online Bedtime Story Service
    Created by artists Katriina Kettunen and Olga Spyropoulou, this one-on-one performance offers a soothing experience of bedtime reading for all ages and the chance to be in the company of another person without feeling any stress to hold a conversation. Performers: Katriina Kettunen, Olga Spyropolou, Diana Soria Hernandez, Lehmus Murtomaa. 🔗
  • Catalysti Mentoring Program for Artists – pilot project started this autumn. An initiative by Tanya Tyniälä.
  • 2-.3.6.2021 INTERBEING, dance performance and workshop with Nadja Pärssinen, Vera Lapitskaya, Maya O. Carroll.
    The trio performance developing topics include: the many ways we can listen, how it supports our being on stage, and how to deepen our connections towards each other.
    The group worked with instant composition and sound, through Maya O. Carroll’s approach and methods. Roy Carroll sound design, Virpi Velin photography. 🔗
  • Scriptor in Fabula, Literary Interviews Project
    A series of video interviews realised by the writer Tanya Tyniälä. The main goal of the project is to make better known the transcultural writers who work and live in Finland. See the published videos in Catalysti YouTube channel – more to come soon.
  • Video Project on Finnish Libraries, a project by Jordy Valderrama
    A series of videos about libraries situated in various locations around Finland (Rovaniemi, Turku, Tampere, Joensuu, and Helsinki metropolitan area), in order to awaken the consciousness of the treasure they represent in the Finnish cultural landscape, and to make them even better known and more accessible to the multicultural public. See the published videos in Catalysti YouTube channel.
  • My Childhood Exhibition and Family Day Annantalo 14.10-19.12.2021
    The exhibition will showcase a wide spectrum of childhood experiences through an array of different artistic mediums.
    Artists: Rosamaría BolomZahrah EhsanJosef KaIrina Kreer-BoulayOuti KorhonenAlejandro OlarteArlene Tucker.
    Opening on 13.10. at 3 pm (press) and 5-7 pm (public).
    It will also include a Family day on 24.10. at 11-16, with workshops and performances by Outi Korhonen & Alejandro Olarte, Josef Ka, Olga Spyropolou & H Ouramo.
    The event is curated by Anna Puhakka, Tatiana Solovieva, Paola Livorsi, Harri Piispanen, and produced in collaboration with Annantalo. 🔗
  • 22.10. Exit through the Loophole, a music and performance art event at the Space for Free Arts, Helsinki, curated by varialambo.
    With Shubhangi Singh, Marloes van Son, Gladys Camilo, Elina Nissinen, Hikari Nishida and varialambo. 🔗
  • Final(e)affect, Cable Factory November 2021.
    Fourth part of the Causatum Live Cinema series, initiated by Marek Pluciennik. 🔗
    A series “purely committed to practices using improvised live moving image” (M.P.).
  • 14.11. Cyclical Enclosure, dance and art workshop. Galleria Bokvillan, Arabia, at 12.30-15.30.
    With Geneva Rosett-Hafter, BA dance theatre: Project coordinator, educator, artist, dancer. Marja Koponen, MA dance art: Project developer, dancer, educator. Maria Prokhorova, BA dance art: Project developer, dancer, educator. 🔗
  • Nonnihil, spring 2022.
    Second part of the video spectacle NULLA (Latin for not any) exploring the mindset of being trapped in an image created for immigrants, which deems them “not any” of “us”. Project in three parts by Marek Pluciennik.