Vote for the theme of Catalysti exhibition 2020 in Cable Factory

You are invited to vote to choose the theme of the upcoming group exhibition in autumn 2020, in Cable Factory, Valssaamo!

You can vote through the following link before 15.12.2019:

You can choose among the following themes, or propose your own!


“Power is the ability to do things.” – Doreen Massey

Power exists through many modes. These can be political, financial, cultural etc. Power can be coercive when distributed unequally, which may manifest itself through injustice and inequality. However, the equal distribution of power is about sharing ideas and can lead to real progress in overcoming many of the issues that the world faces today. This theme asks artists some critical questions: How does power manifest itself in our everyday lives? What problems does it cause, issues can it resolve, and how does it work through our relations with one another? These relationships may concern, but are not restricted to, personal or occupational work, as well as to the relationships we have with public and private institutions that form part of our social reality.


Ranging from minority indigenous communities to immigrants settling in Finland, we observe and face the problematic encounter of different classes, societies, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Regardless of the kind of diversity encountered, discrimination arises. Our society needs new awareness to be inclusive of the different communities of which it is composed.

Can art become a passe-partout to overcome the friction between different cultures? Can artists open up dialogues that are not language-based and through which go beyond the competition and clash of cultures that unavoidably favour the larger and dominant ones?


What is the future you imagine, and how will it look? How will environmental issues influence artistic life or your personal world view? What are your demands regarding power and mobility?


Please write a short description of your idea.