Members’ survey results

Survey for Catalysti members, 25.4.-20.5.2019

Thanks for participating in the members’ survey. Here you can read the results. Let’s engage all of us to improve the situation!

New social gatherings will be organised in the autumn, starting with a café on 27.8. Save the date!


Number of participants

24 responses (out of 150, 16%)

Members based in: Helsinki or Helsinki area

41,7 % Helsinki

8,3 % Espoo

4,2% Vantaa

4,2% Mexico

Art fields

Visual arts (over 10)

photography (9)

music (over 5)

performance art (5)

dance (under 5)

literature (under 5)

Involvement in projects / activities

75% involved

25% not involved

How many times

12,5 % once

16,7 % in 2 projects

16,7 % in 3 projects

8,3% in 4 projects

20,8% in more than 5

Getting your voice heard in the association

58,3% yes

25% no

Consider the reasons why rest of members have become passive

Lack of transparency about funding, how grants are used

Long term agenda or objectives

More visual art projects

Socio-political way for art of mine different from art activism

People don´t pay attention to the events I submit

Have you proposed projects?

70,8% yes

25% no

How ?

63,2% open call

26,3% through a board member

Feedback about the proposal process

It never hurts to over communicate

More democratic to have a jury outside the board

Difficult to connect with other members to increase chance to start the application process

Need for clear infos about available funds for projects, clear contact persons responsible for coordinating

It has always been effective and well organised

Has it been easy to realise projects?

41,7% yes

20,8% no

25% don´t know

Feedback about realisation process

Requiring regular updates to make sure progress occurs

Communication wise can be better, stronger marketing

Better documentation on the website of past and future projects

Salaries for artists and curators are too low, but common problem in most associations

How would you improve it?

– Acting democratilly in distribution and action, better management

Linking and collaborating with other cultural Finnish institutions instead of acting alone, working transparently, long term objectives

– Create the feeling of a true community, to make space available for proposed projects. Doesn´t know how.

– In 2014-15 more events to meet other artists

– For a start create links on the website to the Facebook pages

– It is quite good

– More profound presentation, making known the uniqueness of the organisation and its driving force within the Finnish society

Position and visibility of the association

Enough audience?

41,7% maybe

37,5% no

20,8% yes

Reach out to the audience 14, 58,3% under 15 (almost max)

Improve visibility of the association´s work

More visible online marketing, multiple platforms

Larger, more targeted audience, help each other

When I talk to Finnish artists and gallerists, few have heard of Catalysti

Cultural diversity is the most important concept for Catalysti. Two ways in Finland: challenge and harmony. Harmony better as this is not a country by immigrants like US etc.

New and attractive website is primary important

Press releases, more cross association involvements

Visibility is this year better, I guess because of the better funding

Network with other associations, Finnish artists associations and art education institutions

A press officer

Better photographs and more social media

Does the program cover well your interests and art field?

33,3 % yes

33,3 % maybe

25% no

Do you have a clear idea of Catalysti program for the next two years?

50% partially

37,5% no

12,5% yes

Which aspects to improve and invest energy on?

62,%% marketing

54,2% collaboration with other associations

50% more spread in Finland

33,3 % more events

25% collaboration abroad

Joining umbrella associations?

69,6% yes

smaller percentages no, not sure, not enough infos, collaboration better etc.

If yes, which ones?

16,7% Globe Art Point

8,3% GAP (together 25%)

8,3% MUU, Moniheli, Sjkl, the more the better

Catalysti has about 150 members but only few are active, what are the main obstacles?

Lack of time: personal life, maternity leave, busy with own projects, busy in other associations

It would be difficult for Catalysti to cooperate with my art

Main activities are in Helsinki, I live somewhere else

Nobody reached out to me and I have limited financial resources for my projects

How to improve members engagement

Lounge with workshop spaces, like an actual art collective, hanging out in shared spaces

Share time in an interesting place

Making a grant available to members to make projects happen

Some gatherings with some sort of programme

More online sessions

Re-evaluating public/member image a well as study the public

Get together after Catalysti event

Annual or semestral gatherings but informal, meet and enjoy

A team of active producers to invite members to participate in projects

More open meetings, Catalysti cafés or other form of social gathering

Catalysti website, how often do you use it?

62,5 % 1-4 times per year

16,7% more than 10 times per year

12,5% 5-10 times

8,3% never

What do you use it for?

54,2% check artists grants and calls

50% to check news

41,7% check for upcoming events

Is the current website sufficient?

58,3% yes

41,7% no

If no, why?

more crossing infos to other associations, association and members spotlights, articles by members about what they do

Oudated and badly designed

Old fashioned and not very user friendly

Not active enough

Could be categorised for art fields

Not flexible enough, more documentation needed

Is it a useful source of information?

79,2% yes

20,8% no

If no, why?

I get infos of applications from other artists associations, btw. Globe Art Point

It could be better articulated

Not active enough, more like an artists registry

Anything else to be included?

Link to Catalysti FB pages

Updates about the ongoing advocating work


Wanted/needed for artists jobs

Documentation of past and present art events