Catalysti has its first team of Artistic Directors!

two black and white images, side by side, on the left is a young person with shoulder length black hair and the right shows a young man with black hair cropped short to the hairline . They both wear dark tops.
Left photo credit: Noora Lehtovuori        Right photo credit: Ulla Kokki

We’re looking forward to working with the new co-directors in boosting Catalysti’s vision and reach in the coming year!


Catalysti is pleased to announce its inaugural artistic director team. Chih Tung Lin and Farbod Fakharzadeh will be sharing the responsibilities for the oversight of Catalysti’s operations, administrative tasks, and the realisation and development of our programming for one year starting March 2022, under the developmental project Catalysti 2.0 (2022-2024). The board of Catalysti wanted one of the directors to have experience working within the organisation, and we also wanted the partner director to have a fresh take on the association’s activities.


Farbod Fakharzadeh is an artist, curator and researcher based in Helsinki. His work deals with concepts of ecology, memory-work and history-politics, and revolves around notions of collective construction and alternative ways of working and dreaming together. He holds a Master’s degree in Visual Culture, Curating, and Contemporary Art from Aalto University. He was directly chosen by Catalysti’s current board members because of his experience as a curator and a board member for a smoother transition to the directorship team. 


Chih-Tung Lin is an artist and curator, originally from Taiwan and based in Helsinki. Lin’s work combines curating, performance art, and illustration, and involves constant discussions of topics related to communication, social relations, and play. They earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Praxis Exhibition Studies program at the University of the Arts Helsinki. Lin was selected via an open call application. The final decision was made by an independent jury of Catalysti members; Roberto Fusco, Elena Howlader, Ali Akbar Mehta, Anna Ruth, and Shubhangi Singh.


“I am so excited to work with Chih Tung and Farbod, whose diverse practices are a welcomed addition to the Directorship! Catalysti’s work has always been about challenging habits and conventions through art. Throughout our tenure, we have worked both on a structural and symbolic level to prioritise and centre eager and skilled practitioners often undervalued by privileged institutions. Our choices for the artistic directorships align with our deepest concerns over a society that continually manufactures precarity.”

~Dahlia El Broul, 

Chair of the Board



The Catalysti 2.0 (2022-2024) developmental project is kindly funded by the Kone Foundation