Catalysti Board Candidates 2020

Welcome to  Catalysti Annual General Meeting, on Wednesday 3.6. at 5-7 pm at Globe Art Point, Malminkatu 5, Helsinki.

Catalysti members can register via email at , or delegate their vote to another member, who will be present at the meeting (via email or sms, not later than on Wed 3.6. at 3 pm).

The candidates to the board 2020 are Dahlia El Broul, David Flood, Nadja Pärssinen, Paola Livorsi, Tanya Tyniälä, and Tatiana Solovieva. You can find their profiles here below.

Come and participate!


Dahlia El Broul / Visual arts

A visual artist working at the intersection of curating, education, production, and illustration. Before completing her MA in Curating, Managing and Mediating Art at Aalto University, Dahlia worked in New York City for over eight years as a children’s book illustrator, independent curator, and educator. She worked for the educational department in documenta 14 in Kassel, and at Frame Contemporary Art Finland, as a Programme Coordinator. She has experience managing and facilitating creative teams in exhibition, publication, and event production contexts in institutions such as EMMA and HIAP as well as editorial work for Gallery Hippolyte, among others. In New York, designed and delivered arts education curricula and public projects and events for institutions and schools across the city including The Hudson River Museum, MoMA PS1, Flux Factory, the 92nd St. Y Art Center, and the Brearley School.

For the past six months, she worked for Catalysti as the resident communications officer and reached out to further the contacts and professional networks of the association. Additionally, she worked to update and edit the newest iteration of Catalysti’s webpage.

David Flood / Photography / Visual arts

I am an image-maker, researcher and educator from Ireland that has been living in Finland since 2010. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki and hold a practice-based Masters by Research in Art. My principal investigations are through the medium of photography. My main areas of interest are visual culture and how the photographic image is used to rationalise capitalism in the everyday. Through my trans-disciplinary research, I create photography-based projects that examine our relationship with the world as mediated through capitalism.

In the past, I have served on the board of the Helsinki International Artists’ Association (HIAA) for several years and chaired Helsinki Harps GAA ry between 2013-2015.

I am a current board member and I wish to continue on the board of Catalysti in order to contribute to the development of the ongoing transcultural projects. I am currently on the 2020 exhibition committee and I also wish to develop more visual arts-based projects that integrate art, culture and the construction of social reality for Catalysti members. I also wish to help create a better experience for artists that are part of the association and hope that my experience as an artist can contribute to that.

Nadja Pärssinen / Dance

Nadja Pärssinen has already experience of collaborations with Catalysti Transcultural Artists since 2018 – in the interdisciplinary work Mirror Mirror Sees Them All and in the dance piece DEEP SKIN (2019). She collaborates with the association since 2018, and has been a board member during 2019-2020. She has been organising small events, such as Catalysti cafés, and helping in the organization of other art events as well.

Why she should be on Catalysti board:

  • She wants to contribute in Catalysti association to understand it from wider perspectives and increase the internationality in Helsinki City among the artist field and especially in professional contemporary dance field.
  • She wants to contribute in Catalysti from the percpectives of contemporary dance field; bringing more awareness of the assocation for professional dancers etc.
  • She is very much interested to develop events and to think various ways how to involve audience in to the action to get to know Catalysti.
  • She wants to contribute in Catalysti by collaborating as well with other visual artists etc.
  • She is as well interested in questions how to involve Catalysti in immigration; establishing workshops etc. She is intersted as well to learn in process what else she could do!

Nadja Pärssinen (Fin./Rus.) is a Finnsih choreographer, performer and movement teacher based in Helsinki. Often her works involves instant composition, text, interdisciplinary art forms and relations to the sound and movement. She is a initiator of a collaboration platform FlowWowProductions which was established in 2018.

She has been working as a choreographer and performer for many years in Improvisation Group Flesh in the Space, NotaBene -duet artgroup led by chor. Vera Lapitskaya, and with following choreographers; Sanna Myllylahti, Anu Sistonen, Anna Venäläinen, Katriina Kantola and Pia Lindy. In addition Pärssinen has been participating to Rosalind Crisp’s intensive lab periods, which has been a huge source of inspiration. In her latest works she has been collaborating with visual artistis Jeroen Sebrechts, Virpi Velin & Roberto Fusco and sound designers Moritz Cartheuser, Ari Salonen and Olga Nosova. Currently she is studying Aikido martial art and practicing energetic work of Qigong. She has been teaching in Helsinki Dance Company and giving profitraining in various places in Finland.

In 2015 she studied Theater and Pedagogy studies in Helsinki University of Art in Finland and in 2009 graduated from North-Karelia’s international Dance Department.

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Paola Livorsi / Music

Composer/researcher. Living and working in Helsinki since 2001.

Active in multidisciplinary projects, such as: Rooms of Elements (Northern textile art exhibition 1 : infinite, Forum Box 2006-07); Self-portraits, silent voices (S.Reichenbach photography, S.Susiluoto prose poems, 2011-12); Sense Disorder (H.Kozári image and smells), Helsinki Taidehalli May 2013; Imaginary Spaces (J.Laitinen cello, M. Pluciennik live video, R.Pugliese live electronics) Helsinki Music Centre 16.10.2016. Voices and Spaces (Helsinki Music Centre 20.10.2017, Uusinta Ensemble). Between Words and Life, A.E.Egecioglu voice & cello, defunensemble, M. Pluciennik objects and live video, S.Tuominen dance, Helsinki Music Centre 24.4.2019. Sounding Bodies, live electronics, Jousitus ensemble, G. Convertito & V. Lapitskaya dance, M. Pluciennik moving images, Vapaan taiteen tila 14.11.2020.

Member of MUU, Catalysti and the Society of Finnish Composers.

Founding member of Catalysti, 2013. Chairperson 2015-. Board member of the Society of Finnish Composers, 2017-

Carrying out an artistic research at Sibelius Academy, “Human voice and instrumental voice: a comparative study in timbral content” (2015-). Awarded by Pro Musica Foundation in 2020.

During the last years she has been active in advocacy work (YYA artists’ meetings 2019-20, No Labels No Walls collective etc.), to expand Catalysti presence in the Finnish art world, initiating new collaborations with partners such as MUU gallery (Art Fair Suomi 2019, autumn 2020 in Cable Factory), Globe Art Point, Strindberg Laboratory, Kukunori ry.


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Tanya Tynjälä / Literature

Tanya Tynjälä is a science fiction and fantasy writer, specialised in children and young adults. She was born in Peru and has a Master Degree in French as a foreign language.

She has published with the Colombian editor NORMA La ciudad de los nictálopes (2003 – 10 editions), Cuentos de la princesa Malva (2008 – 3 editions), Lectora de sueños (2012-More than 40,000 copies sold) and Adalyn (2018).  Her books are used as reading material at schools in some Latin American countries as Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia. She has also published the flash fiction book SUM with Editorial Micrópolis (2012) and (Ir)Realidades with Edita el gato Descalzo (2017). Her writings have been included in various international anthologies, magazines and e-zines. Her science fiction story La conspiration (Translated to French by Pierre Jean Brouillaud) has been included in the school book Texto 4ème sec. (Vincent Rousseau and others.  Editions Érasme. 2012, Namur – Belgium). She has been partially translated into Finish, French, English, Bulgarian and Hebrew.  Her story “El Ritual” has been published as “Rituaali” in the book Suomalaisia Saunanovelleja (2017, Aviador), among other prestigious Finnish authors as Maarit Verronen, Tapani Bagge and Johanna Venho. Also in 2020 her story “The collector” has been included in The Valacourt Book of World Horror Stories, (Valancourt Books, Edited by James D. Jenkings and Ryan Cagle. USA). She also writes a travel blog: Piedra que corre sí que coje moho and is editor in chief of the Spanish language for Amazing Stories Magazine.

Tanya is the representative for Finland of the Red Mundial de Escritores en Español (REMES) and the president for Finland of the Unión Hispanoaméricana de Escritores (UHE). She is also a member of various international organizations for writers.




In Amazing Stories:

Tatiana Solovieva / Freelance producer

I am a freelance producer and for the last two years have been a member of the Catalysti board.

Currently I am working in the department of Culture and Leisure of Helsinki City as Diversity agent in the project Kulttuurin kummilapset.

I am also an active member of the Catalysti working group that is responsible for the autumn exhibition in Valssaamo, Cable Factory.

I wish to go on with Catalysti art activities and to promote its status in the Finnish and international art field through the program “Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity”.