Blog Open Call results

We warmly thank all the eight artists who sent a proposal for Catalysti blog! We’re sorry not to be able to publish all of them, also for the limited resources.

The article funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture is “Art in the Time of Covid” by Robin DeWan, to be published next month.

If you didn’t do already, read the last blog writing, Nadja Pärssinen’s blog “Perhaps Walking Should Be Called Movement”:

Other articles to be published in the spring 2021 are “An Ode to Weak Body” by Dasha Che and an excerpt from “Letter ‘P’ is for Painter, Painting, Personal, Place, Political, Picture” by Zahrah Ehsan.

We’re happy to get the blog started and we wish it will sparkle some discussion in the association and beyond. Stay tuned for the next Open Calls!