AGM meeting minutes 28.5.2019


Tuesday 28th of May, 17.00-19.00. at Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Minutes signed by:  David and Nadja

Secretary for the minutes: Roberto Pugliese

Paola Livorsi opened the meeting at 17.20.

Present: Nana Kim Hwanhee, Roberto Fusco, Giorgio Convertito, Nadja Pärssinen, Marek Pluciennik, Oliver Whitehead, Erich Weidle, Tanya Tyniälä, Paola Livorsi.

Delegate votes: Yasushi Koyama, David Flood, Erika De Martino, Britt Al-Busultan, Tatiana Solovieva.

1. Presentation and discussion of the members’ survey results.

Paola presented the results of the survey and addressed the different concerns emerging from the responses. One of the main outcomes is that many respondents feel a need for improving the communications within Catalysti. Among the several actions to be put in place, Giorgio invited us to stop for a moment to organize events, and think more strategically about the mission of the association. Other suggestions from the presents were to make more explicit the need/wish for participation on the website and Facebook and avoid replicating what other associations already do (see for instance GAP, btw. infos about grants).

2. Paola introduced and the board approved the audited accounts of the previous operational year (2018) and the annual report.

3. Paola introduced and the board approved the action plan and budget for 2019.

4. Nomination of candidates for the new board: chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer. Nomination of two other members and two reserve board members.


  • David Flood
  • Nadja Pärssinen
  • Paola Livorsi
  • Roberto Fusco
  • Tanya Tyniälä
  • Tatiana Solovieva
  • Walter Fondo

Paola explains how the vote procedure should proceed. The presents approve her as chairperson.

There are 9 present voters (David leaves before the vote begins, he delegated his vote). The results of the board election are:

Roberto Fusco 12

David Flood 11

Tatiana Solovieva 11

Nadja Pärssinen 10

Tanya Tyniälä 9

Walter Fondo 4

The number of voters was 14, 9 present, 5 delegate votes.

The limit to be elected to the board is to get at least 50% votes plus 1, so the minimum number of votes in this case is of 8 votes. As Walter Fondo got only 4 votes, he was not elected. All the others are.

Tatiana Solovieva is confirmed as treasurer.

5. The board approved the candidates for an auditor and a reserve auditor(s):

Anne-Maj Väre, Leena Kähkönen.

6. New members applications are in consideration, there was no time to go through them. Alise Polacenko (dance, film), Bambù Xavier Locquet (circus, film, performance art, photography), Livia Schweizer (music, performanceart).

Paola Livorsi closed the meeting at 18.55.