Music Finland

Music Finland promotes awareness and the success of Finnish music at home and abroad. It continues the activities of The Music Export Finland and the Finnish Music Information Fimic. From the website of Music Finland you can find also the Finnish Music Directory with updated information of different institutions, associations, schools, venues, record companies etc. in the Finnish music field. You can also subscribe to newsletters that provide information related to different music fields.

Muusikoiden net

Muusikoiden net is the biggest website for musicians in Finland. The page called Linkkihakemisto (link archive) offers links among others to festivals and events, education, transport services for bands and events,recording studios in Finland, record companies, music stores in Finland and abroad, websites with lyrics,  free music in Mp3 format, sites where you can download music legally, music media including radio channels, magazines, websites, TV programs et cetera, shops selling musical instruments, links to artists� homepages. Other pages of the same site offer e.g. online-conversation rooms for registered members, a section called Wanted, where bands seek for musicians and an online-market of musical instruments. Yearly meetings are also organised for the registered users of the site.

Finnish Composers� Copyright Society Teosto

Teosto is the copyright organisation for composers, lyricists, arrengers and music publishers. They collect information about works from the artists who created them and about performances from music users. They sell licence to use music and collect the royalties on behalf of the artists. Artists and publishers receive the royalties for use of their music via Teosto.

The Finnish Music Foudation – Musiikin edist�miss��ti� 

The FInnish Music foundation  (MES) was founded in 2012 for promoting and supporting Finnish music, both performing and creative. It continues the funding activities of ESEK (The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre) and LUSES (The Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music), which have stopped their activities.

The scope of the Finnish Music Foundation�s promotion encompasses all types of music. Priority is given to professional music making. The promotional activities are mainly funded by using private copyright funds, but also the government gives funds for the activities.

The foundation supports projects which includes Finnish artists and/or Finnish music. Support is granted on the basis of applications.


Global Music Centre

Global Music Centre,, founded in 1979, is an institute with the key task of collating, recording and distributing information about global music culture. The Global Music Centre aims to reach its goals through research activities, education, and development and consultancy work, coupled with the organisation of musical events like the ETNOSOI-festival, and the production of recordings and other publications. The institute library and archives cover the five continents of the world and are sources of information that are open to all. From GMC:s website you can also find a catalogue of artists that provides information about more than 100 musicians and/or groups that work and live in Finland � whose repertoire is world, ethno, folk or traditional � other than traditional or contemporary Finnish folk music. In each section you can also find link to contacts to musicians who teach.


Finnish Musicians� Union

Finnish Musicians� Union is a trade organization for musicians. Collective bargaining and cultural politics are important aspects of the work of the Musicians Union. Individual members are given counsel and assisted free-of-charge for example in contract, tax, copyright and pension matters.