Film, video, moving image

AV-arkki Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art

AV-arkki s the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. AV-arkki distributes and promotes Finnish media art to festivals, events, museums and galleries worldwide. AV-arkki has been a pioneering distributor since 1989 and has opened up opportunities for artists to get their works recognized internationally. The activities of AV-arkki have contributed to the success that Finnish media art enjoys today. These activities are unique in both Finland and the other Nordic countries.



AVEK-Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture

The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), established in 1987, operates in connection with the Finnish copyright organisation Kopiosto. AVEK uses its share of copyright remuneration to promote audiovisual culture. The majority of the funds originate from private copying levies, e.g. from blank DVDs and digital video recorders.

AVEK supports the production of short films and documentaries, animations, and media art. AVEK funds the cultural exportation and development of different kinds of film genres, the advanced training and further education of the employees and organisations in the audiovisual industry, in addition to festivals and events. AVEK funds the development of cultural content and cultural entrepreneurship through the Ministry of Education and Culture�s DigiDemo and CreaDemo grants.

The AVEK Award is the most significant accolade in the Finnish field of media arts. The size of the award is �15,000. The AVEK Award has been presented since 2004. The AVEK Award for media art is awarded every autumn during the opening event of a new term.