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We actively and openly look for collaboration possibilities as we believe meaningful change is created through coming, disarming and working together.



Catalysti membership is free. By becoming a member you will be the first one to know about our activities and opportunities for which members are always prioritised. You can suggest programming and can be included in joint funding applications with Catalysti. As a member, you will also have the possibility to join the board and take an active part in the decision making processes that shape the future of the association.



Is your organisation interested in collaborating with us and/or our members?

Catalysti welcomes collaboration where we can create possibilities in activating and utilising our artist member base and developing our professional networks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your idea.

photo credits to 
Támara Aalto


Do you believe in our goals and values and are interested in helping us move towards them?

By collaborating with us you can have a direct impact in your community.

Collaborations with nonprofit art organisations can bring a value and exposure to your business.

Meet our board

Managing Artistic Directors

Artist and Curator

Artist and Curator (Member of the Board)

Board 2022-2023

Visual artist, Curator
– Chairperson of the Board

Visual Artist, Writer, Researcher
– Secretary

Choreographer, Dancer
– Treasurer

Composer, Researcher
– Deputy Member of the Board

Performance Artist and Researcher
– Vice-Chairperson of the Board

Cultural Manager and Performing Artist
– Member of the Board

Visual Artist
– Member of the Board