World Village Festival

Deadlines: 10.01.2022 – 10.01.2022

28–29 of May 2022, in Suvilahti, Helsinki.


The World Village Festival (WVF) has announced the theme for 2022 – The Boundaries of Our Planet. You can submit proposals for performances, kids programmes, exhibitions, installations, workshops, or another cultural programme for the two festival days.
How should we live sustainably within the borders of our planet? What kind of change is needed to ensure a sustainable future for everyone?
See more about the theme HERE.

Catalysti is looking for a proposal from a working group of artists with a producer (this can also be one of the artists). Catalysti has allotted a total budget of 3830€ for the project. The working group can determine the exact amount of their fees and material costs within that amount. WVF might provide a container for the outdoor space if the project so requires (see map for details). Additionally, hot meals will be provided by WVF organiser Fingo.

Potential Budget Breakdown

  • €1040 artist 1
  • €1040 artist 2
  • €650 for materials and props
  • €1100 for a producer
  • Max. €3830 total (including all taxes)

Long Description

Catalysti collaborated and participated in the program almost every year since 2016, often with a container installation. However, due to the Covid-19 situation, most of the performance or installation will occur outside if a container is required since it’s a small closed space.

This Open Call is for Catalysti members to present a proposal for an interactive performance or installation (or other kinds of cultural programming mentioned above) that will take place outside in Suvilahti from 28–29 of May 2022 (Sat 11-21, Sun 11-19). Participatory projects that thematically emphasise the urgency and action needed to meet the challenges faced by Climate Breakdown are primarily of interest to WFV organisers who have expressed interest in the format/topic but are not obligatory.

It is good to note that something should be present in the outdoor space (for example) even when a performance is not taking place—thinking about remnants that can be left or interactive media that visitors can view. Much of the work is outside, and though only two days are involved, the project might want to consider the effects this could have on what is done in the open air and the limitations due to possible exposure to inclement weather. Additionally, electronic equipment can not be left outside overnight yet electricity will be supplied to the area/container (if using one). Performances do not have to last the whole day, so include some break times and what would happen in the outdoor space during breaks.

How to Apply

Please, send your proposal with a budget, a technical rider, programme description, working group, and timetable. You may also write to us with general inquiries.
Send these materials before 10.1.2022 to .

The Catalysti Board will select the most viable project and will then apply on the project’s behalf to the World Village Festival by January 15, 2022. WVF will make the final selection by February 15, 2022.

COVID measures

*Organisers of the World Village Festival will consider the risks relating to the COVID-19 pandemic when organising the festival. They will keep a close eye on the guidance provided by the authorities. If the pandemic situation still affects the organisation of events in May 2022, they will make every effort to organise the festival as normally as possible by using the COVID Pass and other health safety measures relevant at that point. If necessary, they will fence off the festival site, restrict the number of festivalgoers attending the event at any one time, check the COVID Pass of all participants and festivalgoers and require that everyone wears a face mask, maintains good hand hygiene, and only attends the event if fully healthy.



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