OPEN CALL: gallery spaces in Arabia, Helsinki

Catalysti received the following open call from Maileena Byström and member Arlene Tucker:

We are looking for artists to exhibit their work at Gallery Bokvillan and Gallery Kääntöpaikka for 2022. The space offered is free of charge. Gallery Kääntöpaikka and Gallery Bokvillan are available already from January 2022. You can make a request for the space you want. We reserve the right to decide on the exhibition space. The duration of the exhibition is always one month.

Gallery Bokvillan and Gallery Kääntöpaikka are public spaces. There are hanging restrictions to preserve the walls of Bokvillan’s wooden house. Consideration to artistic content will be given when curating the exhibitions for the following year. Also, due to the nature of the space, artists should be aware that if there is a private party, the customer has the right to move the artwork for the event. We hope that the space is flexible and can accommodate everybody’s wishes.

When applying for the exhibition space please include:

  • Short artist bio
  • Explain what the exhibition is about and how you plan to show your work
  • Which space you would like to exhibit your work- Bokvillan or Kääntöpaikka
  • Months you prefer (only one will be granted)
  • 3 images of your work, if possible

We suggest you come visit the space before applying. Please visit the website to check opening hours:

There are many possibilities here to share your art and to activate and inspire the Arabia community! Please email Arlene and Maileena with any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to reading about all of your ideas!

Our best,
Maileena Byström and Arlene Tucker