Open Call for Catalysti Members: Pikkujoulu & Art Lottery Exhibition

Deadlines: 16.10.2023

For its 2023 member exhibition, Catalysti organises a “fun, intense, chaotic salon hang” exhibition, and a festive pikkujoulu party featuring an “art lottery” event!

The aim for this year’s Catalysti annual exhibition is to profile and uplift as many of the association’s 240+ members as possible through exhibiting and documenting their works, while connecting them with like-minded peers in a warm and celebratory social environment. Through this, we also seek to experiment with rethinking and proposing alternative exhibition practices that can be actualised with limited resources.


All members are welcome! We invite you to embrace the spirit of the season, and contribute an artwork of any medium to be installed, documented, then distributed through a gift exchange lottery.

We imagine the resulting exhibition growing over five days, between 26-30 November. The exhibition will be open to the public and documented on Friday 1 December, before slowly disappearing throughout an afternoon lottery event and celebration on Saturday 2 December from 15-19, at Outo Olo Gallery, Vaasankatu 15, Kallio.


Due to the size of Outo Olo (less than 5m2), we’d hope most artworks won’t be larger than 40cm x 40cm, so we can fit everyone in. If you work large scale, or in a way that doesn’t fit these parameters, or if you aren’t sure about which artwork would be best to submit, then please send us a mail at , so we can try and figure out ways to accommodate everyone.

Artistic practices that don’t generate easily exhibitable physical objects are also welcome to participate. Contact us at , and let’s discuss alternative options! Consider the possibility of applying by sharing your time, resources, experiences, and/or skills connected to your artistic practice. You can also submit digital or downloadable artworks for visual representation in the space, printed or published materials, offer an artistic encounter, or provide a voucher for skills-sharing or peer support. When art equals life, we believe there are endless opportunities for giving and sharing!

Through participating, members have the opportunity to:

  • -Exhibit an artwork-gift that will become part of a gift-exchange exhibition: if you give a gift, you’ll receive a gift
  • -Have their artwork professionally installed and documented via photography or video (if necessary)
  • -Have their artwork and practice introduced to everyone joining the celebration
  • -Book a time to discuss their work, and workshop information texts and bios with Artistic Co-Director and curator Katie Lenanton
  • -Book a time to talk about project management and budgeting with Artistic Co-Director and cultural manager Paola Nieto
  • -Book a time to take an artist portrait with Catalysti’s videographer
  • -Receive an Artist Agreement written with clear and kind language, that can act as a template to guide future negotiations and collaborations
  • -Include “Catalysti’s Annual Exhibition 2023 at Outo Olo Space” on their CV
  • -Win (useful!) prizes for participation
  • -Be featured in Catalysti’s social media posts
  • -Network with other members and the general public
  • -Celebrate each other, and the pikkujoulu season together


To apply, please fill out this form before 18pm, Tuesday 17 October, 2023.

If you have questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, we’d love to hear them: please include them with your application, or mail

You can read Outo Olo’s accessibility information here, and we will do our best to accommodate members’ accessibility needs that are shared through the application process, and in the lead up to the event.


PS If someone you know is interested to apply to join Catalysti, then we encourage them to submit their membership application before 25 September. After that, the board will vote on new members, and new members will have the possibility to participate in the Pikkujoulu & Art Lottery Exhibition!


[ID: a text-based graphic with a red background adorned with small, scattered circles resembling snowflakes. In the center of the image, there is a silhouette resembling a lottery ticket. Inside this silhouette, the text is displayed in white, which reads: “Open call. Catalyti’s art lottery exhibition. Apply by 17.10”]

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