Catalysti’s Peer-Led Mentoring Programme 2022

Deadlines: 29.05.2022 – 29.05.2022

Open Call For Applications: Catalysti’s Peer-Led Mentoring Programme 2022

The Catalysti Association of Transcultural Artists is seeking members interested in peer-led mentoring to participate in a free mentoring programme in 2022. The application is open to all members of Catalysti (or non-members who would like to join) at any stage of their career who feel they would benefit from expanding their professional networks and are motivated to improve different areas of their artistic career. The mentoring programme is based on peer-to-peer discussions in small groups but also includes three guided seminars.

The application deadline for the programme is May 29 2022. Simply write a letter of intention to the project coordinator,

No application will be denied, all will be accepted if interested in the programme!

Purpose and objective

The purpose of Catalysti’s Peer-Led Mentoring Programme is to provide support to artists in developing their professional identity and to provide an opportunity to reflect on their work with colleagues. The cooperation is based on mutual dialogue and sharing of knowledge - from artist, to artist. The aim is to strengthen the participants' identity as artists, and to share experiences and knowledge from different career stages. What can be included in an artist's career, and how to progress or develop as an artist in a changing world?

Participation in a peer-led mentoring programme supports the artist professionally, improves job satisfaction and opens up new perspectives on the artist's work. In general, peer-led mentoring increases coherence and knowledge within the visual arts sector. Developing personal skills also improves artists' livelihood opportunities by raising awareness of good practices and career pitfalls.

2022 marks the inauguration of the project, and will set the framework towards establishing the programme for years to come.

Participants and programme description

All artists will be selected for the Peer-Led Mentoring Programme, which will then be divided into smaller groups of 3-5 people. The programme will be based on equal work between the small groups and the group as a whole, so that everyone is both mentoring and mentored. Some of the meetings, talks, or lectures in the process will be open to other members of the association. The duration of the mentoring process for participants will be approximately nine months (June 2022 - March 2023). The final content of the mentoring programme will be built up during the process according to the wishes and needs of the participating artists.

Participation in the programme will require a commitment both to work in small groups and to participate in joint meetings with the whole group. Participants are also expected to be willing to share their experiences in the mentoring programme meetings. The meetings will be both in person and online. This will facilitate participation from outside the capital region and from outside Finland, if needed.

Who can apply

Anyone who is a member of Catalysti as well as folks who would like to join. Mentoring allows for the exchange of knowledge within the sector, both from experienced artists to newcomers and vice versa. The mentoring programme is not a one-way exchange of knowledge, but aims at reciprocity. Participation in the programme does not require an ongoing project, a finished project, nor does it aim to produce works or an exhibition.

Structure of the programme

In addition, where possible, joint (open) lectures, webinars, etc. depending on the interests of the group. The programme is in collaboration with the Association of Finnish Sculptors and the Association of Photographic Artists. All participants of the sister programms will come together for one seminar day in September.

Materials and support

In addition to the group meetings, the possibility of discussion with the facilitator throughout the process; jointly defined lectures, presentations, webinars, material bank, etc.


Training sessions and mentoring meetings will be conducted in English. If necessary and possible, a small group of participants can also be set up in Swedish or Finnish.


Frist or second week of June the programme starts with small groups meetings with the programs coordinator. Meetings and seminars commence, and programme ends in the first week of March 2023.

The application deadline for the programme is May 29 2022.

To apply, or for more information on the programme or the application, simply write a letter of intention to the project coordinator, .


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