Yasushi Koyama

His artworks are animal sculptures described “Cute, lovely and humorous”. Most of his works are made from one piece of wood by using hand chisels. The rich textures of wood sculpturing give people a warm impression. He has made his “Art for Children project” as a public art project since 2012. He is interested in the issues of public sphere, public art, Social Sculpture, social inclusion, art in hands-on way, the sense of touch & hug, well-being art and contemporary cuteness. His artworks are in children`s hospital, library, school, park etc in Finland & abroad.

He has had solo exhibitions in Galleria Becker, Auran galleria, Galleria AARNI, MUU Kaapeli gallery, Galleria Jangva, Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Annantalo, Malmitalo gallery, Napa gallery etc in Finland. He has also joined in group exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku, Mänttä, Estonia, Korea, New Zealand and in artist residences in Latvia, Transylvania, Romania etc.

He is a member of Finnish Sculptor’s association, MUU artists association, Helsinki artist association, Finnish designers association Ornamo, Finnish copyrights association Kuvasto and Catalysti.

Photographer: Katja Hagelstam