Yaseen Ghaleb

Photographer: Enostone publisher

I’m an Iraqi poet and novelist, currently based in Helsinki, Finland.
In 2005 I graduated as a Bachelor of English Arts from the University of Basra, Iraq. I am a writer of prose, articles and poetry and I’m interested in pursuing dramatic writing.

I published a novel “15+” Cairo 2020 under translation to Finnish .
Arabic poems collection( Baghdad throne) Beirut  2021 and new poems collection English & Finnish language titled( Stigma) will be published by( Enstone) publisher in spring 2021.

I regularly publish my poems in (Elias) Finnish Literary magazine .

I’m a member of:

Kiila ry 

Uudenmaan Kirjoittajat ry

Sivuvalo Platform ry

Suomenpen ry

Teksti ry

Nuoren Voiman Liitto ry

exiledwriters.org .UK.

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