Vishnu Vardhani Rajan


Cities: *Helsinki

Artfields: Performance art
Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Ashwin Rajan

I am a performance artist of Indian origin based in Helsinki, Finland.
My origins lie in Hyderabad, an Islamic city in a Buddhist state in the Hindu country of India.
I encompass the city I come from and it’s characteristics are in me. I, Vishnu, a Yoga practitioner, Actor, Dancer, and a Twerk enthusiast. My current journey is one of integrating aspects from physical movements to intellectual faculties – for example, Twerking with Poetry and Yoga with Croquis-drawing. My ongoing performance work is at the intersection of bringing forth Intense truths about womanhood growing up in Patriarchal society, performances that revolve around sex & sexuality, performances where I work with a captive real life audience (like in a bus, metro, street or market).

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