Victor X

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: No
Photographer: Victor X

In the mid-eighties Victor was a graphical designer at a jazz club, he set a task to express musical ideas by visual means. This naturally brought him to abstract art with a strong flavour of surrealism. He started serious painting in 2006 and had his first personal exhibition at Russian Centre for Science and Culture the next year. Many more exhibitions followed. Discussions with the audience about the nature of abstract visual art and its relation to music eventually inspired him to develop a media project called Buddha Orchestra. The core component is software that makes music (raw melodic material) of images and allows a performer to adjust selected melodies, assign instruments, and ‘conduct’ the orchestra in real-time. The software is used by visual artists for media performances where the source image is projected on a screen. The project has educational purpose. Victor studied photography at university and eventually participates in photo exhibitions with mostly abstract works.

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