Uzair Amjad

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Uzair Amjad

Uzair Amjad is a multidisciplinary artist dealing with the fragmentation, consciousness, and memory of our experiences in a digitalized society. He sees digital technology as incapable of preserving the symbolic and imaginative dimensions of knowledge and meanings that we humans have created to understand the world. Amjad’s work examines how this flawed interpretation has led to the emergence of permanent, reducing forms of digital representation; the dominance of digital technologies as extensions of the human mind and memory has given birth to a collective memory devoid of holistic cultural memory. 

At the heart of Amjad’s creation process are the ways with which this new collective memory distances us more and more from the universe by integrating man into the technical system. At the same time, history is in danger of being forgotten.

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