Tyler Liu

Yi-yang (Tyler) Liu (b. 1980, Taichung) is a Taiwanese art educator, activist, and critical media creator living in Espoo. In 2020, he obtained a master’s degree in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education from Aalto University and is currently participating in a nondegree doctoral program in the Department of Media. His research-creation journey focused on personal non-linear narrative as an activist, from exploring cultural jamming techniques in public spaces on the street and social media, to reflexive critiques of human/machine hegemony on site and online.

Therefore, his work now attempts to shift from a humanistic perspective to a post-human perspective, concerned with the power structure relationship between humans and algorithms in aesthetic interpretation, and the creation of abstract art. He hopes to reinterpret those social and political polarized perceptions, or cultural memories that are not allowed to be discussed. Rather than a Black Mirror-style speculative vision of the future, he believes AI-generated animations could be used as a tool to rethink the past and bring us a sense of “Unthought Known”.

In 2021, he participated for the first time at the Helsinki Pixelache festival and also be selected for the exhibition Data Vitality: Soft Infrastructures and Economies of Knowledge at Dipoli Gallery, Aalto University.

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