Timjune Tianjun Li

Tianjun Li, also known as Timjune, was born in China, 1999, is a multidisciplinary visual artist and photographer living in Helsinki, Finland. He’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in Visual cultures, Curating, and Contemporary Art at Aalto University.

Timjune’s works focus on the interplay between diverse photographic subjects reflecting on living reality, creating a new poetic visual dimension through the process of reconstructing various elements. This unique approach allows him to reinterpret contemporary phenomena with an ethereal perspective of surrealism. Timjune’s captivating works have garnered attention from international art presses and have been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries across the globe. He is also one of the youngest artists to have held a solo exhibition in South China.

In addition to his artistic practice, he is also invited to collaborate with the music industry, creating album artwork and music visuals for international musicians. His unique dreamlike vision and creative approach have earned him recognition as a rising talent in the art world.

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