Tanya Tynjälä

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Tommi Tynjälä

I am a writer. My speciality is science fiction and fantasy an micro fiction. I have 4 books published in Latin America, three for YA and one for adults (a micro fiction one) I am also part of several anthologies in Spanish, in Finnish and French. One of my science fiction stories is part of a text book in Belgium and my YA books are used in Latin American in several schools. I am also a free lance journalist. I have a blog in the web page of Amazing Stories and a personal travel blog, in which I tell the struggles being a foreigner (I have lived in France, the Philippines and here, so i know something about it) and how to use intercultural communication tools to solve those cultural misunderstandings. I am also a researcher in literature. I am making my Phd in Frech philology and I have presented some conferences about Science fiction (Latin American and Finnish science fiction written by women) and microfiction (Latin American and Peruvian) among other presentations about literature in general. I have also produced creative writing workshops based in Propp work, and poetry for children and adults. Finally I am a language teacher (French and Spanish).

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