Samra Šabanović

Photographer: Samra Sabanovic

Samra Šabanović (b. Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Helsinki.
She has been mostly working with photography and combining it with text, video and performative narrative. Her interests oscillate between philosophy in photography and politics: the right to be, human dignity, both love and inaccessibility in images. Currently, Samra is in pursuit to find out what (her) genuine film would be. Along with her self-deprecating humor, Samra employs immersive absurdism, the concept of refusal as a political act, and meta elements as an expression of doubt.
Samra graduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad where she also gained experience in pedagogy and teaching art in primary and secondary schools. She holds a Master degree in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art from Aalto University and is Academy of Moving People and Images alumna. She is co-curating image-based research project “I was there but you didn’t see me“.
Samra is available for collaborations in wide range of art and as crew member in film and media productions (Creative Producer, Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Directing/Writing).

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