Rosamaría Bolom

Sculpture, painting, photography, engraving, poetry & performance

I am Rosamaría Bolom, a psychologist, artist and cultural promoter living in Helsinki since 2009.

My work focus during this time has been on cultural productions and pedagogical art-workshops aimed at children and youth.

In psychology I am interested in the otherness, subjectivity, human relations and symbolic language.

As artist I am convinced that the universal language comes from the soul and it is the best weapon to combat misunderstanding, prejudices, racism, ignorance, fear and other contemporary ills.

From 2013 to 2016, I was co-founding and coordinator at Salasanat project -multilingual encounters of poetry and art in Finland-. And from December 2013 I have been co-founding and active member of Third Space Collective a gallery located in the center of Helsinki where curates {RUNO – KOE} – Experimental Poetry Room which aims to unsettle preconceived notions of the other through poetic actions & exchanges.


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