Robin DeWan


Robin has been playing didgeridoo since the early 1990s, appearing at numerous
events in ensembles, as a solo artist, and in dance and theatrical projects. A native
of the USA, he is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Finnish artists he has
recorded with include Aikakone, Ylva, and Nebula Meltdown. In addition, he has
released a solo record, Groundswell.
Onstage, he has appeared with Finnish acts such as 22-Pistepirkko, Angelit,
Paleface, and fire circus troupe, Native Noise. International artists he has
performed with include Crimean Tatar folk/ jazz guitarist Enver İzmaylov and
American percussionist Artis the Spoonman. His forte is playing live, performing
widely throughout the Nordic region as well as many other countries. Currently he
is developing a multi-music genre, multimedia project entitled, The Journey.
Robin is also a spoken-word artist, storyteller, writer, and sound therapist.

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