Robin DeWan


Robin has been playing didgeridoo since the early 1990s, appearing at numerous
events in ensembles, as a solo artist, and in dance and theatrical projects. A native
of the USA, he is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Finnish artists he has
recorded with include Aikakone, Ylva, and Nebula Meltdown. In addition, he has
released a solo record, Groundswell.
Onstage, he has appeared with Finnish acts such as 22-Pistepirkko, Angelit,
Paleface, and fire circus troupe, Native Noise. International artists he has
performed with include Crimean Tatar folk/ jazz guitarist Enver ─░zmaylov and
American percussionist Artis the Spoonman. His forte is playing live, performing
widely throughout the Nordic region as well as many other countries. Currently he
is developing a multi-music genre, multimedia project entitled, The Journey.
Robin is also a spoken-word artist, storyteller, writer, and sound therapist.