Paola Nieto

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Vitali Gusatinsky

Paola Nieto (b.1990, Mexico City) is a cultural manager and performing artist based in Helsinki. She is experienced on artist management and event production in the fields of music and performing arts. She has worked for several organizations and artists such as Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin, April Jazz Festival, Alejandro Marcovich, JazzMx, and The Cultural Centre of Spain in Mexico. Additionally, she has held leadership positions as Artistic Director in Askelten Palo, and as Head of Author Rights, Press and Promotion in Ediciones Era publishing house.

She holds a MA in Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship by the Sibelius Academy, with a secondary subject and research focus on Management of global cultural expressions and diplomacy. Therefore, Paola has interest in developing arts projects that promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between societies.

As a performing artist, her practice is based on ethno-contemporary dance. Her particular interest is to study the musical, rhythmic and movement elements of dance traditions from the Middle-East, Latin America and Mexico, and to explore those in contemporary and foreign settings. Recently, she has been studying and performing Son Jarocho music and Mexican “zapateado” (tap-dance) together with Jaranas del Norte, a folk music ensemble based in Helsinki.

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