Nei Zigma

I am a Brazilian artist who developed my professional experience through work in the area of musical art, soundtracks for improvisation theater, monitoring cultural and socio-educational activities in cultural centers, and artistic productions as an interpreter of my own original work in music.

During the time I lived in the city of São Paulo, I learned the role of cultural production in both music and performing arts with theater companies, creating soundtracks for shows. I managed socio-educational activities for the city’s peripheral population, managing projects on Afro-Brazilian culture. This engagement gave me experience in producing cultural and training events for companies.

I have two albums recorded and an EP released in 2020, and I am currently working with a company of partners here in Finland, to finalize the production of 5 more songs.

My latest album released in January 2023, E V O C A TION N E G R E I R A, has as a guiding thread in the various stories it tells, the Afro-Brazilian diaspora revering ancestry where drums from the North and images of Brazilian northeastern enchantment resonate.

There are arrangements that permeate the melodies with percussion that overflows and fills spaces, the musicality with its plurality of rhythms that accompanies the voice and defines the harmonic fluidity of the songs, inviting the public to dance.

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