Mohamed Bangoura

Drummer-singer Mohamed Bangoura is known for his talent in traditional West-African music which has been present in his life since he was a child. He plays solo in many different bands and is a great team player with listening and improvising skills. His music is based on traditional West African rhythms which he also teaches. Bangoura’s passion for music can be anything from a unique fusion of African rhythms and Nepalese songs to rhythms mixed with European popular music or children’s music. Mohamed is interested in creating new experience in the field of music, dance and performing arts in different collaborations. In addition he repairs African instruments. He enjoys also teaching traditional music and drumming for both children and adults and he repairs instruments, specially African drums. This musician, originally from Guinea, West Africa, moved to Finland in 2011 and lives in Vantaa. He has been performing and teaching African music and accompanying dance lessons around southern Finland since then. As a performer Bangoura is energetic, charismatic and absorbing. As a teacher his students have found him inspiring, warmhearted and positively encouraging educator. Bangoura gets along easily with students of all ages.

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