Mercedes Balarezo

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Luis Cadena

I am a dance artist and pedagogue. My career has developed between the stage and the dance studio as a teacher, dancer, choreographer, and producer.

Lately, I have started to think of my practice as a dance pedagogue as a bodily experience designer. I have enjoyed playing with this concept because, to me, it describes quite accurately what I am in search of.

I have a deep interest in improvisation and a passion to find the architecture of bodily experiences. I have been researching, for instance, the relationship between voice and dance improvisation in my practice “The Voice as a Limb”.

In my choreographic work, I have been exploring the nature of Ecuadorian and Latin identities, as well as the convergence of art and pedagogy in the creative process.




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