Maria Ga’tsal

I am an actor, dancer and movement artist from Mexico and Spain based in Helsinki. I am currently hoping to be more active as a performer in theater, films and/or dance. I am also a dance teacher for kids and adults. I give classes of movement for actors and also non-actors. I use my platform as a way to encourage in all students the discovery of their own capactities to create, have confidence, and develop their skills at their own timing. I believe that creating safe spaces in arts, and anywhere, is important for the growth of any individual, and in arts feeling safe is vital for embracing vulnerability, the place where I believe we can start truly creating and changing.

I do not know if I have an artist concept per say, but I would like to work in building stronger, diverse, and safer communities through art. To be able to work or create projects, performances that can bring awareness in situations that might be happening around the world. For example, situations that might be happening in my homecountry such as femicides, for me that would be a way to fight from far a situation that is extremely upsetting.

I am also interested in using arts as a way to fight bullying, depression, and other situations that are alarming and occur often among youth and also adults.

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