Lucila Mayol

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Lucila Mayol

My work delves into the preservation and transmission of memory; the creation of fictions; the construction of history and truth; and the connection between remembrances, spaces, ruins, and monuments.
Although I am currently based in Helsinki, I have a nomadic practice that moves according to the projects, most of my them are research based and include a multiplicity of sources: literature, translations, oral history, letters, archives, art, academy, and even every day life events. Consequently, the results are as well varied in form and media; sometimes shaped as drawing, writing, printmaking, collective walking tours, Interactive Fiction, or a combination of all.
An unspoken question traverses all my projects’ manifestations: Who writes history, for whom is it written, what happened with the unspoken, hidden, erased, abandoned stories that can be rescued from the ruins and the people?
I am part of Turbida Lux an art duo working with text, found footage, video and media art with an interest in the poetics that appear when unveiling other interpretations of archival material. And I am also a founder member of TEXST, a platform for testing text as an art form and an independent publishing initiative based in Bergen and Helsinki.

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