Livia Schweizer

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes
Photographer: Jorma Airola

“Instruction for living a life: Pay attention / Be astonished / Tell about it.” I personally love very much this verses from Mary Oliver, and I find also that in this verses can be found also the whole synthesis of what in my opinion art can help us to do and reach in a very unique way. Art can create the space and give the possibility to help us to develop three of our most positive and important qualities as human beings: the quality of observing, the quality of having an open mind that allows us to be astonished and surprised, and the possibility to share with the others in a personal way what we would like to give or say. As a perfomer, artist or/and teacher I would like to focus primarily in the importance of music and music making as an opportunity to develop more and more a community with more communication, creativity and connection. Connection that happens with the others, but also with the history and with our present. We are now living in a world where there are very fast and sudden changes; migrations, change of resources, new problems, new possibilities, and new mixes of cultures. Things are often happening very quickly, and not all the time we are able to observe, listen and feel what actually is happening in our environment and around us, but art does help us to stop and to look at things from new ways and us the time to focus on the importance of listening, observing, sharing and being present. Generally I could say that as a musician and artist I’m especially intested in; contemporary music and art, chamber music, music and meditation, in art and traditions coming from different cultures and in working with people from different background, improvisation, and in finding different kind of combinations within different art forms and art from different times. Therefore as flutist, generally I lik to work pieces that are not so often performed, or in finding new ways to perform the classic repertoire.

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