Laia Riera-Sanjaume

I am a visual artist who combines painting, drawing and clothes as part of my language. Recently I had been focusing on memory, identity, sexuality and body. In the process of portraying these “bodies” or “selves” I am to explore the changes in body and mind. In my work, almost all the figures that I use are in permanent transition. These women can be seen as fragments of my own memory embodied in a collective memory or imagery. Through almost Apotropaic icons, I paint phantom identities that dissolute, fight or embrace the atavistic knowledge that had been imposed upon us through generations. In an effort to confront myself and reach the “other” I use the body and face symbols as my particular lexicon. For nowadays, the self is no longer passive and we are all creating bonds or either barriers. Fables, language, european shamanism and my own experiences as an immigrant woman in different countries are a daily source for my inspiration.

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