Kemê Pellicer

Interested in giving workshops: Yes
Interested in art coordination: Yes

Kemê (She/Her/Kemê) is a poet, parent and multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki who works with photography, performance, installation and text, often hybridising them. She sees the arts as something closer to alchemy or magic, the spiritual and the subconscious. While her curiosity leads her to work with concepts such as memory, representation, symbols, and rites, Her process embraces the complexity of our construction and the constructions we inhabit.

In recent years, Kemê has work through her project “Villi Akka” around the power of tales, myths, and archetypes in storytelling traditions to address contemporary life.

As a cultural worker her interest in psychology, sustainability, and good practices within the Culture and the Arts field is summed up by her multicultural background and continuous self-learning. She has worked in different capacities in Finland and the Nordic Countries since 2016, as e. g. curator, facilitator, educator , host, artistic content producer or coordinator. She strives to contribute to community bettering through antiracist and intersectional feminist practices.

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