Kamila Sladowska

I was born in 1996 in Warsaw and I am an interdisciplinary visual artist currently living in Helsinki. Within my research I explore inspirations from culture anthropology and permacultural thinking about creation. I work around the topics of diversity and diffusion of the matter in universe. I create installations, textiles, performances, objects and paintings (colour is an important base for my creative process as I believe in its primoridial strength according to its stimulative influence on homo sapiens’ brains). I try to use recycled or traditional materials and that is how I apply traditional painting techniques to the contemporary language. In 2020 I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (painting faculty) and MSKPU in Warsaw (costume design studies).

This is a quote from my “Oasis” graduate diploma works’ brief description:
The humanity has run away of nature and made it colonised. Here comes the cultural revolution. Exhausted by the hursh of the civilisation, we search for the primordiality. I think that the contemplation, sense of connection with the source of nature is the way to choose nowadays. My works dazzle with the warmth, calmness, happiness and simultaneously with the footprint of organic structures of the nature and primordial colours which are coded onto the human being’s psyhology of vision. The important issue is the politesitic awareness of the circulation of the matter in the universe which contains the deep respect to the Mother Nature. I believe in what Olga Tokarczuk has said: the tenderness can save us.

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