Inma Herrera

My artistic practice expounds on two different lines of enquiry that I try to
bring together.

On the one hand, I have been recently focused on the sense of using
techniques whose expertise requires to devote time. To do so, I resort to
Printmaking and explore its processes, limits and tools. I make use of them
to refer to concepts such as time, labour, illumination and physicality.

By contrast, I also try to incorporate to my works personal concerns whose
approach is through psychology. Human fragility and interaction between
individuals and its social context are the subjects present in my work. I
make use of them to appeal the spectator as the a possible protagonist of
those stories.

I consider the artistic practice as a way to making sense, finding
transcendence and depicting the way I feel and perceive life as a human being
in a specific context. My works are materialized in the form of objects,
installations, drawings, prints moving image pieces and performance,
occasionally. I work individually, but also collectively in order to
revitalize the ideas with new synergies.

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