Ignacio Pérez Pérez

IGNACIO PÉREZ PÉREZ (Venezuela, 1984) is a performance and nomadic visual artist working internationally. His work explores phenomenal reality as a long journey to arrive here where we are. He creates experiences of ritualistic playfulness and worldly contemplation to observe and encounter otherness and its permanent state of transformation in the realm of everyday life. His practice crosses diverse fields as performance art, street photography, walking, poetry, meditation and networking.

He has shown his works in public spaces, museums and festivals in South, North America and Europe. In 2006, along with Aidana Rico and Amira Tremont cofounded PERFORMANCELOGÍA, an organization dedicated to dissemination of performance art documentation (performancelogia.blogspot.com), and since 2008, is member of PerfoLink, a Latin American platform for performance art (www.perfolink.org). In 2009 he started Global Performance Art Walks (facebook.com/globalperformanceartwalks), collective project of performances made by walking.

His favourite quote from Robert Filliou: “Art is what makes life more interesting than art”.

Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

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