Gladys Camilo

Gladys Camilo (b. Compton, CA) is a visual artist, cultural worker, DJ and co-founder of MYÖS—a DIY and genre-fluid electronic music collective, platform and network for underrepresented actors in Helsinki. Her main interests within her practice are the intersections and ecologies of identity, trauma and the migrational experiences of people of color; as well as collective feeling, healing and fostering safer spaces to explore vulnerability and co-care within a community or space. 

Her artistic practice is heavily influenced by the nuances of her identity as a Chicana/Mexican-American person. Growing up in both—U.S.A. and Mexico—has shaped the ways in which she understands herself and how she interacts with her environment. Her visual works tend to be very intuitive, impulsive and driven by emotion and are often described as colourfully burdened; intimate and etherial. 

Her preferred mediums include painting, textile art and writing, but she is constantly exploring new tools and techniques. Recently, she has been researching reference materials for paintings, along with sustainable methodologies for creating artworks.

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