Ginko Hsu

Ginko Hsu is a visual artist based in Helsinki who is currently completing her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the Academy of Fine Art, Uniarts Helsinki. Her artistic journey has taken her to various group exhibitions in Finland, France, and China. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she has also had the privilege of working in curatorial roles within smaller institutions in China.

With a background in psychology, Ginko’s work aims to observe the intricate complexities of the Anthropocene. She delves into the often contradictory and irrational aspects of humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Her curiosity extends to the fluidity of identity and the nuanced dynamics within the subject-object discourse. Through her art, she thoughtfully questions anthropomorphism and the boundary between humans and nonhuman entities.

Presently, Ginko is engaged in a collaborative art project with AI scientists from AIRS Shenzhen, a venture that reflects her commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and embracing the dialogue between science and art.

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