Gabriella Presnal

Gabriella Presnal (b. 2001) is a Finnish-American artist based in Southern Finland. Born in Germany and having grown up living in countries like Sweden, Canada, and multiple states in the U.S., they have been living in Finland since 2017. They have previously studied Media & Art at an undergraduate level in Southern Finland, and now study at Aalto University (Finland) and Aalborg University (Denmark) in 2023-2025 for a double degree Nordic Masters in Visual Studies and Art Education.

They have primarily worked with mediums such as painting, video, and sculptural installations, and have also worked with applied fine arts, augmented reality, and written publications surrounding contemporary visual cultures. Many of their works are inspired by their nomadic childhood, queer identity, spatiality, culture, and land. At the root of their works, there is an ongoing conversation with themself on how they exist in dynamics like family, friendships, gender, sexuality, nationality, and place. For example, feeling both at home and alien whilst living in Finland (did not grow up speaking Finnish). They have insofar primarily exhibited in various galleries in Southern Finland, but have also exhibited internationally in countries like Australia, Brazil, Italy, Slovenia, and the U.S.

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