Erika De Martino

Based in Helsinki since 2006, Erika De Martino is a qualified architect (MSc. Arch IUAV, Venice, Italy / Dept.of Architecture, Oulu, Finland) and artist combining photography with installations. Her photographic projects are strongly grounded in her past architectural practice. With photography she builds spaces. She explores new dynamics of the image perception and interaction by the observer in the space, with a site-specific approach. Unconventional print supports allow her to articulate her works through different layers, suggesting the coexistence of multiple visual levels. Her research develops across kinetic and optical art, architecture and land art. The connections between natural/built environments, man/landscape, micro/macro scales, places and self-identity are the main themes she focuses on. Environmental art installations and theatre are also important in her artistic expression. 

Her works have been shown in Finland, as well as in China, Russia and Italy, under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute in Helsinki, the Embassy of Finland in Rome, the Institutum Romanum Finlandiae and Circolo Scandinavo. Among the most relevant displays: the 54th Venice Art Biennale and II Baltic Biennale in St. Petersburg. Besides galleries and cultural centres, also two of the most important buildings designed by architect Alvar Aalto hosted her exhibitions: the Academic Bookstore in Helsinki and the Faculty of Architecture in Otaniemi-Espoo. 

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