Eirini Tiniakou

Photographer: the balcony in Plomari, Lesvos Island, East Aegean Region
I was born in Athens, Greece (1993) and studied a BFA in Athens School of Fine Arts (2018) and a MA in the Department of Art and Science, University of Applied Arts Vienna (2021). Lately, I move between Helsinki (where I am based), Lesvos Island and Vienna. My practice is grounded in field research, involving a mix of documentative, participatory and imaginative approaches. My work is primarily concerned with themes of rural life and folklore and seeks to redefine our connection with the land and the self, often blending photography, textiles, objects and text.

As an immigrant in Helsinki and previously in Vienna, I am very much in need of belonging to an association that brings all of us, foreigners, together. To represent ourselves. The biggest challenge in Helsinki is the weather and the difference in culture, in comparison to my Mediterranean/Balkan origins. I wish to meet artists from Catalysti and share thoughts and artistic practices related to ruralities.

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