Dimitris Tatsis

I have been an active musician since 2000 playing with music groups of several genres (hip-hop, rock, dance theatre groups, electronic, improvisation, folk).
In 2010 I released my first personal work under the moniker Sonny Touch in which I wrote both music and lyrics. Since then I have been performing with my band but also as a solo artist. These shows have a theatrical and dynamic character and helped me build a name and a fan base in the indie scene of my home country (Greece).
One thing led to another and I started working as a session musician for some more popular acts but also I got involved in recording and performing with dance theatre groups usually with my main collaborator Chrysanthos Christodoulou.
I have also worked and toured with the National Greek Theatre as a side musician.
One of my highlights is also my collaboration with Yiannis Aggelakas, one of the leading figures of the Greek rock and folk music scene, on his latest album which was released in November 2016.
I was born in France by Greek parents and the fact that I speak a few languages gives me a wide option when it comes to lyrics and music styles.
I moved in Helsinki in June 2019, after having spent 5 years in London where I mingled with the local scene and recorded with local musicians.
My new album “Leave Space for the little Animals”, which was released in September 2019, is now available in Helsinki record stores at a limited number of 200 vinyl records and on all major streaming platforms.

Photographer: Stathis Mitsios