Diana Mistera

I am an italian/ english poet and writer. I am part of the project Runokohtauksia Uusi Kääntämisen Työtapa of Turku. I write in Italian and English and I have self published two books:

2006 WINGLESS silloge of my first poems in english language. ISBN 978-952-92-1499-0 2011

IL SIGNORE DELLE OMBRE a novel in italian language, self- published with www.lulu.com ISBN: 978-1-4476-7677-5

In 2012 I joined several literary competitions with poems in italian language, and three of her poems were chosen to be part of an anthology no profit:

Libera Espressione Editor: lulu.com (9 dicembre 2012) Language: Italiano ISBN-10: 1291229221 ISBN-13: 978-1291229226 http://www.amazon.it/Libera-Espressione-Team-Giveight/dp/1291229221/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361150837&sr=8-1

With Runokohtaus one of my poem has been published in: Kaltio Pohjoinen Kulttuurilehti 2/2013 From 2012 I am partecipating in several happenings with Runokohtauksia and Sivuvalo.

Photographer: Juha Laukkanen/kuvasirkus