Catarina Neves Ricci

Catarina Neves Ricci is a film director and a visual artist who often creates in the fields of dance, music and theatre. Regardless the medium or form, she´s interested in every color humaness, body + intimacy.
Neves Ricci studied psychology and dance in Lisbon and Film in Buenos Aires.  Some of her dear collaborations have been: Josef Nadj and Jonas&Lander in performance; Shakira, Efterklang and Tatu Rönkkö in music and sound. She has lived and worked in Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Ljubljana and Istanbul in the past 14 years, programming, curating, being director to festivals, and developing her work as an artist.
Her latest film, MARIA, depicting the intimate life of a sex worker in her 60 yo age premiered at the Copenhagen Film Festival winning Best Drama, followed by many awards and sucessful critics and premieres around the world.
Catarina Neves Ricci is based in Helsinki where she’s been since 2018 developing a series of works on Finnish geography and soundscape. MIKA is the first to premiere on December 2022.

She is always available to meet and to build new bridges, regardless language and culture.

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