Arlene Tucker

My immersion in various places and now Finland have given me insight to different cultures and languages, but what I have gained most is an appreciation of the art of non-verbal communication- something I can build and use in my art and teaching. In June 2011 I received a Masters degree in Semiotics at Tartu University in Estonia. Whilst a student I attended one semester at Aalto University School of Art and Design in the New Media and Game Design and Production department. I am working towards combining my teaching, art, and semiotics background to create innovative public installations, useful products for people, and to create new playful ways of communicating. Living in Northern Europe where my senses are constantly making meaning from an orchestra of foreign sounds and contextualizing new signs is a continuation of my dream to travel, discover and build for people. What was once a means of survival, I will maintain constant growth as a professional and artistic pursuit.

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